Black Man Stopped By Police For ‘Looking Suspiciously’ At White Woman


Devin Myers, 20, was on his way to dinner when police stopped him for "looking suspiciously" at a white woman.

A 20-year-old black man on his way to dinner in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, was stopped by police for “looking suspiciously” at a white woman on Tuesday.

The Detroit Metro Times reported that Devin Myers was approached by Royal Oaks police as he walked to Inn Season Cafe.

In a video posted to Facebook by Kimiko Adolph, Myers is seen interacting calmly with the police officers and even apologizing “for wasting your guys’ time.”

The young black man insisted he had done nothing wrong.

Seemingly annoyed that witnesses to the stop were complaining, one officer said, “It’s not that big of a deal.”

Adolph replied, “It’s a big deal when this happens consistently.”

Police eventually let Myers go, and the Inn Season Cafe paid for his evening meal.


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No words left to express the HORROR of abuse and lunatic racism and hate American 'Law Enforcement and Officials' are not only criminally allowing but also grotesquely enforcing. Makes the freaking TAliban look like amateurs when it come to hate and discrimination.


that is simply frightening. Why on earth was this allowed to progress beyond the 'threatened' woman reporting this? His patience (obviously generated by the fear that if he reacted in any way he'd probably die) is extraordinary.

World Court
World Court

This is how it started with Emmet Till, and most of us know how that turned out. The gentleman here is lucky he had witnesses.


I guess the AmeriKKKan Gestapo are still on the job!

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