‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’: White Man Spits On Women He Accused Of Stealing

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Artivia Tahir

A white man has verbally harassed two black women he believed to be stealing mangoes

A white man in Florida was recorded on video hurling racial slurs at two black women he accused of stealing mangoes, according to WINK News.

  • The two women were given permission by the property owner to pick the mangoes, but the man, who has been identified as Donald Mueller, believed them to be stealing, so he pulled over and began a verbal tirade against the women.
  • One of the women, Leiya R. of Volusia County, described the encounter saying:

“When he screamed at me ‘Black lives don’t matter,’ I was beyond myself. And then physically spit in my face.”

  • Mueller is facing burglar, battery, and hate crime charges. He has been released on a $2000 bond.
  • Mueller’s attorney John Lucas claims the police report does not represent the facts and that the women did not have permission to take the mangoes.

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I about had a stroke when I saw that video, I was so outraged. People like that guy should be put away so that they don't harm the rest of society. I hope those ladies walked all up and down his @$$.


You can always count on Florida. The license plates should say "The Shameful State".

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