Billionaire Pro-Trump Gov. Took $125,000 In Bailout Money For Struggling Farmers

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Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV) is worth an estimated $1.5 billion, but that didn't stop him from taking taxpayer bailout money.

The Republican governor of West Virginia raked in $125,000 of President Donald Trump’s bailout for struggling American farmers, according to The Associated Press.

Gov. Jim Justice — who briefly switched to the Democratic Party to run for governor and switched back following the election — owns more than businesses, RawStory noted, “including a network of coal mines and the Greenbriar luxury resort, a popular gathering place for Republican officials.”

The farmer bailout was intended to help American producers who are struggling amid Trump’s ongoing trade wars, hit particularly hard by his trade battle with China.

But Justice does not seem to fit the picture: he is with an estimated $1.5 billion.

RawStory noted that the West Virginia politician is far from the only wealthy American to receive a sizeable portion of the bailout: “A recent report from the Environmental Working Group revealed that of the $16 billion appropriated by the Department of Agriculture, 54 percent went to just the top one-tenth of farms, with 82 farmers receiving over $500,000 and several recipients actually living in large cities. The bottom 80 percent of farmers received less than $5,000 each, and farmers of color received almost nothing.”

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