Bill and Melinda Gates: Trump Budget Could Cause Millions Of Deaths

Screengrab/Bill Gates/ YouTube

Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates say Trump's budget could have a devastating impact around the globe.

At an event for their foundation on Tuesday, Bill and Melinda Gates said that President Donald Trump's budget proposed, released Monday, could have a devastating impact and result in millions of deaths around the globe.

The couple called on Trump to reverse course and not cut aid to developing nations.

Bill Gates warned that the Trump administration’s proposed budget could directly lead to millions of preventable deaths around the globe, because of vast cuts to foreign aid and development funds.

At an event with his wife to mark their foundation’s annual philanthropic letter, he said: “US generosity … if that goes away, even a 10% cut would mean 5 million deaths over the next decade.”

Even though Congress ignored his recommendations last year, Trump has called for billions in cuts to U.S. international aid again this year.

Gates implored the president to maintain U.S. generosity, saying:

“To have Africa be stable, to have health systems that stop pandemics, and to reduce the chance of our army having to go fight somewhere and lose lives: these investments, even in that sort of ‘America first’ mindset, are still very, very wise.”