Professional big-game hunter Theunis Botha was killed in Zimbabwe this week when an elephant shot by his group fell atop the man, crushing him.

According to the Telegraph, Mr. Botha was leading a group of hunters when they accidentally walked into a herd of breeding elephants. Three elephant cows (female elephants) charged at Botha and his group, but a fourth elephant cow caught Mr. Botha by surprise.

The fourth elephant lifted Mr. Botha up with her trunk while another hunter simultaneously shot and killed her. The elephant then collapsed on top of Mr. Botha, subsequently killing him.

Mr. Botha was known best for bringing European-style “Monteria hunts” – hunts where dogs drive game toward the hunters – to southern Africa. He was a particularly skilled at hunting leopards with big game hounds.

His website offers several packages for big-game hunting, including the ability to hunt exotic animals like leopards, giraffes, buffalo and elephants, the BBC notes.

Mr. Botha is survived by a wife and five children.