Big Coal CEO Wrote Pro-Coal Executive Orders For Trump


Though President Trump never issued any of the specific orders supplied, he has issued others that are similar in nature

Murray Energy Corp. CEO Bob Murray made his demands clear to the Trump administration early in President Donald Trump’s first year, sending six suggested executive orders to various federal agencies that would stop or soften environmental policies of which Murray disapproved.

From The Hill:

The drafted orders would have instructed the [Environmental Protection Agency] to halt and consider repealing rules on coal pollution in waterways, coal ash disposal, mercury and other air pollutants from coal-fired power plants, ground-level ozone pollution and air pollution that crosses state lines.

Another draft would have pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement.

The Hill notes that Trump never signed any of Murray’s specific orders, but the president issued and signed other executive orders producing Murray-friendly results – including instructions for federal agencies to reconsider nearly all policies regarding climate change.

And the administration has implemented many of the policies Murray sought, including Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris agreement and efforts to change numerous EPA policies that the coal industry has opposed.

Murray requested in a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry that “you review these materials, and enact them, as you deem appropriate”.

“As you know, for many years now, we at Murray Energy Corporation have been leading the fight against the disastrous and illegal anti-coal regulations of the Obama administration, the vast majority of which remain in effect. We have developed expertise in this regard and offer our assistance to you.”

The executive order suggestions were in addition to the 14-point plan Murray also supplied to Perry, which has been reported on previously.

Company spokesman Gary Broadbent acknowledged the documents came from Murray:

“Mr. Murray has always sought to secure reliable, low-cost electricity for all Americans, as well as to preserve and protect the jobs and family livelihoods of thousands of coal mining families,” Broadbent said.

“We applaud the actions taken by President Trump’s administration, to date, to protect these jobs and to advance the energy security of the United States.”

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