Biden Wavering On Launching Presidential Bid

Doug Jones for Senate Committee / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0


Biden's team is reportedly postponing the announcement as they scramble to finalize launch details.

UPDATE: This story has been updated. To read the most recent report, click here.

Supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden widely expected an official 2020 campaign announcement this week, according to Talking Points Memo. But a Philadelphia Inquirer report released Monday says that the campaign launch might be postponed as his team scatters to finalize location and timing details.

The Biden team initially planned to launch a video announcement on Wednesday and visits to Charlottesville, Virginia followed by Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. But Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has allegedly received no requests for permits at any of the possible large event locations where the former Vice President would likely visit. Charlottesville officials are also reportedly declining to comment on the matter.

Biden has been deliberating his possibly candidacy for months, and while accusations of touchiness with women have dampered his reputation, Biden’s hypothetical candidacy still leads polls.

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I really hope that Joe doesn’t run. He would be an excellent elder statesman and mentor for a younger candidate.

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