Biden Says Trump Is Not Representative Of The Republican Party. He Is Wrong.

While Biden thinks that Trump is an outlier among Republicans, he is, in reality, the epitome of the GOP.

Joe Biden’s plan to condemn Donald Trump while extending an olive branch to the Republican party evinces a deep divide in the Democratic Party, according to the New York Times.

In a recent speech in Iowa, the former vice-president repeatedly sought to differentiate the Trump administration, which he called “an aberration,” from the Republican Party, including his “Republican friends in the House and Senate.”

Biden, who spent more than 40 years shaping bipartisan compromises in Washington, was once known as the McConnell whisperer for his uncanny ability to negotiate with the Senate Republican Leader.

Biden’s statements stand in stark contrast to the rhetoric of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who understand Trump as a symptom of a changing electorate and of the economic and social tensions in the country, according to the Times.

“Make no mistake about it, this struggle is not just about defeating Donald Trump...This struggle is about taking on the incredibly powerful institutions that control the economic and political life of this country,” said Sanders in his kickoff speech in Brooklyn.

Sanders and Warren may have a point. According to a Twitter post by Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur, Donald Trump has a 91% job approval rating among Republicans in the latest Gallup tracking poll.

These candidates’ diametrically opposed relationships with the Republican party are also reflected in their respective policies. Sanders, for example, made a name for himself by advocating for a Medicare policy that would end the private insurance. Biden, in contrast, argues for giving people an option to purchase insurance on the Medicare system, while maintaining the current private insurance market.

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