Bezos Would Pay Almost $7 Billion In Taxes Under Warren's Medicare For All Plan

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The Amazon founder would part with about $6.7 billion if Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All plan took effect today.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren unveiled a plan to pay for her Medicare-for-All proposal on Friday — which would cost an estimated $34 billion — and it looks like she’s coming for Jeff Bezos.

According to The Week, Warren said she would target "the financial sector, large corporations, and the top 1 percent” to pay for the universal healthcare plan. Those groups would be subject to a six percent tax.

And at six percent, Bezos — with an estimated worth of $111.7 billion right now — would be shelling out about $6.7 billion toward the healthcare program.

The Week noted that other billionaires would be parting with hefty amounts as well, including “Bill Gates, who would put in around $6.4 billion, and Warren Buffett, who'd contribute closer to $5 billion.”

Amazon, Bezos’ wildly successful company, would also see a hike in taxes under Warren’s plan, but as The Week pointed out, the company would no longer have to worry about providing healthcare for its employees.

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I thought INCOME tax was based on INCOME not NET WORTH???

The Banality of Evil
The Banality of Evil

Good for Warren. Billionaire need to be taxed out of existence.

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