Betsy DeVos: Teachers Should Only Strike During Their Time Off

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DeVos suggested that teachers are in the wrong for striking during classroom hours on Monday.

On Monday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said that teachers should only go on strike for issues such as compensation on their “adult time” as to not take away from students’ education, The Hill reports.

"I think it's important that adults have adult disagreements on adult time, and that they not ultimately hurt kids in the process," DeVos said in response to a question about whether she supported teacher strikes in Baltimore.

"I think too often they're doing so by walking out of classrooms and having arguments in the way that they are," she said.

She noted that “great teachers need to be well paid.”

DeVos made the comments as teachers across the country strike over the lack of proper pay, benefits, and labor conditions. According to the Associated Press, thousands of teachers in Oregon will likely strike this week, demanding change to class size and improper funding for education.

DeVos also fired at a major teachers union’s president while speaking about compensation for instructors.

"Great teachers perhaps should be making at least half as much as what Randi Weingarten does at a half million dollars a year," DeVos said in reference to the American Federation of Teachers leader, whose organization has spoken out against DeVos numerous times.

In response, Weingarten said she’d be “delighted” if DeVos advocated for $200,000 teacher salaries.

"We could do this if Betsy worked with us to revoke tax cuts for rich people. She won't even have to give up the summer homes and the yachts," Weingarten said.

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I thought her last comments were idiotic but this makes we wonder how she remembers to breathe.


talk about unclear on the Clueless.


Someone who has never, ever in her life had to lift a finger to sustain herself would, by this very failure to have ever been of use in life, also not comprehend what 'strike' means or how much a shitty job can sap out of your life.


Ol Betsy is so out of touch with the middle class its sickening try living off a teacher’s salary for a year and see if her opinion changes


She is such a cant! (Her spelling, not mine)

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