Belgium’s Counterintelligence Chief Suspected Of Spying For Russia

"Flag of Belgium flying, Martyrs' Square - Place des Martyrs - Martelaarsplaats, Brussels, Belgium"Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

Clement Vandenborre, the counterintelligence head in Belgium’s intelligence service, is suspected of spying for Russia.

The counterintelligence head in Belgium’s intelligence service, Clement Vandenborre, was placed under house arrest because he was suspected of spying for Russia, according to European Views. Vandenborre, who has been in the Belgian counterintelligence service for 40 years, denies the accusations.

The accusations of Vendenborre’s spying are based on a letter by another Belgian counterintelligence officer. The letter says that Vandenborre gave Serbs access to classified information during an operation in Serbia in 2016.

Vandenborre contact, a Serbian woman, is also believed to have been a double agent for Russia.

He also stands accused of destroying confidential documents in a paper shredder.

The accusations against Vandenborre for Russian espionage "are also probed by a joint investigation of Belgium’s federal prosecutor and the committee supervising the intelligence service."