Before Their Dog Passed On, These Owners Spent A Week Celebrating Her Life

Image is courtesy of 4 Lazy Dogs of Sugar Hall / Facebook

Muffin spent her final days full of joy and adventure, before she had to say goodbye to her loved ones.

The late Muffin Ann McKenzie-Maness is remembered in her obituary as a brave dog who overcame many obstacles early in her life, but spent her later years a fun, joyful spirit. Last week, she decided that it was her time to go to dog heaven, Al reports.

“As Muffin aged, she realized that everyone that she knew and loved was well taken care of and decided it was time for her to rest,” her obituary reads. “She spent the last week of her life celebrating the 16 years that she lived.”

By dog standards, she lived for a long time, but not long enough for her owners, Tim Maness and Josh McKenzie, who had only known her for the last four years of her life. The Brussels Griffon, weighing only 12.5 pounds, spent 12 years being bred in a puppy mill. Tim and Josh initially planned to temporarily foster Muffin through rescue organization Wags and Whiskers, but they quickly fell in love with the little dog as she did with her owners.

And so, they decided to keep her permanently, and she slept in their bed unlike their other three dogs.

“She was always a lap dog,” says Tim. “As long as someone was holding her, she was happy. And she had so much personality and attitude. She would throw shade at you.”

But as Muffin's age began taking more and more of a toll on her, she became almost completely unable to move. Her owners knew that it was time for them to make the heartbreaking decision that no dog parent wants to make.

So they gave their pup three final days filled with adventure, starting with in afternoon at Mardi Gras Park in Mobile and a platter of delicious pulled pork. The following days were filled with ice cream, a burger patty as big as her, and, of course, lots of attention from doting people passing by.

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