Before Soldiers, Trump Boasted About How Dangerous His Secret Trip To Iraq Was

Screengrab/The White House/YouTube

Retired Army General Barry McCaffrey said President Trump boasting of the dangers he faced in Iraq was "embarrassing".

President Donald Trump’s boasts to soldiers about the danger he faced in traveling to Iraq this week were part of the president’s “embarrassing” behavior throughout the visit, according to retired Army General Barry McCaffrey.

Via Newsweek:

“It’s a good thing that the president went to Iraq and visited the troops, even better that he brought Melania along,” McCaffrey explained. “It was entirely inappropriate to use that as a point of a political rally.”

At one point during his surprise visit, Trump could be seen signing his trademark red “Make America Great Again” hats, sported by his most enthusiastic supporters all over the country. The White House and military officials said the hats were brought along by troops and not distributed by the president’s team, but McCaffrey dismissed that suggestion.

“His advance party politicized that event, they passed out those hats for sure,” he said. When asked how unusual it was for such a military visit to become so politicized, the former general said it was “unheard of.”

This along with Trump’s slighting of Iraqi leadership, lying about giving the troops a ten percent pay raise, and other missteps were capped off by the president boasting of the danger he faced in order to visit the troops in the first place.

McCaffrey also had little patience for what he called the president's boasts about how fraught with danger visiting Iraq could be. "The president boasting about the dangers he'd faced, and [John] Bolton was a brave man to go with him. God, he’s talking to special operations soldiers in Iraq, it’s sort of embarrassing," he said.

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