Before Congress, Barr Used ‘We’ (Instead Of “I”) While Discussing WH Decisions

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Justice Department / Public Domain

Before Congress, Barr effectively admitted that the U.S. Justice Department is an extension of the Trump White House.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr, discussing the uncertainty surrounding whether former White House counsel Don McGahn would give his testimony to Congress, said, “We haven’t waived his privilege.”

His choice to speak about his deliberations with the collective pronoun “we” instead of “I” has led critics to argue that his word choice is emblematic of how he has used his position to carry out the interests of the Trump administration, The Hill reports.

He made the comment in an exchange with Democrat Senator Dick Durbin.

In response to Durbin’s question of whether he opposed the prospect of McGahn’s congressional testimony, Barr answered, “Yes, I think he is a close adviser to the president.”

In Mueller’s 448-page report released on April 18, the special counsel outlined several instances in which McGahn’s testimony related to occasions on which the president may have committed obstruction. Trump ordered McGahn to fire Mueller more than once, according to the report.

Democrats have issued a subpoena to McGahn for a public testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee sometime this month, and the White House has hinted at pushing back at the subpoena through its executive power.

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