BBC: Trump Was A “Predator” Towards Minor Girls Throughout The 80’s And 90’s

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A new documentary from BBC Panorama alleges President Trump often sought after young female models in the 80s and 90s.

Fresh allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior face President Donald Trump in a new report by the investigative program BBC Panorama, which claims during the 1980s and 90s, Trump frequented parties featuring young models and often boasted of “scoring” with them.

From VICE News:

The report featured Monday on the BBC Panorama investigative documentary series, entitled “Trump: Is the president a sex pest?” included testimony from two women who said they encountered Trump at parties during his time as a real estate magnate and operator of beauty pageants.

A man, who chose to remain anonymous, also came forward to discuss what he saw of Trump during those years, talking of drug- and alcohol-fueled parties and calling him a “predator”:

“These were guys who could easily be [the models'] fathers — two times over. [It was] kind of like a feeding frenzy,” he said.

Trump, in particular, was “notorious” for his behavior toward younger women, the man said.

“This guy was like a predator in action. The next day or days after we would hear about it, he would brag about it to his friends and it would get around that he scored. Maybe one or two girls at a time, which is what he loved to do.”

Barbara Pilling, one of the women who spoke with BBC, detailed an encounter with Trump at a New York party while she was modeling in the 1980s.

She alleged that then-businessman Trump asked her how old she was and approved when she said she was 17, allegedly responding: “Oh, great. So you're not too old and not too young. That's just great.”

Pilling said she was not the youngest girl at the party, claiming there were girls as young as 14 attending. “I felt I was in the presence of a shark,” Pilling said, describing Trump.

Pilling’s account was similar to that of Heather Braden, who met Trump a decade later at a party during her time as a young model.

The party Braden attended in Miami in was attended by just four men, she recalled, and about 50 young women.

“I felt like a piece of meat in a market,” Braden said. “I could have been auctioned off in some sort of a sex slave ring.”

VICE noted that neither Trump nor the White House has responded to the most recent allegations, but in the past, the president has consistently denied all accusations of sexual impropriety.

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