BBC: Jail CCTV From Epstein’s First Suicide Attempt Erased By ‘Technical Errors’

Screengrab / Inside Edition / YouTube


Surveillance footage from Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell reportedly no longer exists due to "technical errors."

CCTV footage from Jeffrey Epstein’s first suspected suicide attempt was reportedly accidentally destroyed, BBC News reported in January.

  • The convicted sex offender first attempted suicide in July 2019. Prosecutors say that surveillance footage from this first attempt was accidentally destroyed.
  • Epstein was found semi-conscious with injuries to his neck in July, prompting his placement on suicide watch. He then was moved to another cell, which is where he died by suicide a few weeks later in August.
  • BBC News reported that “Soon after Epstein's death, in August, two of the CCTV cameras outside his cell had malfunctioned and were being examined by the FBI.”
  • Questions had been raised about the July recording, which originally was deemed missing. A letter filed by Assistant US Attorneys Jason Swergold and Maurene Comey stated:

"The footage contained on the preserved video was for the correct date and time, but captured a different tier than the one where Cell-1 was located. The requested video no longer exists on the backup system and has not since at least August 2019 as a result of technical errors."

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