Based On Her Career And Education, How Did Melania Secure A “Genius” Visa?

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Alyssa C. Gibson/Public Domain


The requirements for receiving an "Einstein visa" include demonstrating "extraordinary ability" in one's field.

While dating future President Donald Trump, Melania Knauss was a Slovenian model who appeared in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

According to Newsweek, she obtained a green card into the U.S. through the EB-1 program. Under this “Einstein visa”, which only made up about one percent of green cards issued the year Melania received hers, the recipient must show that they have "an extraordinary ability, are an outstanding professor or researcher, or are a multinational executive or manager."

In the midst of doubts surrounding the First Lady’s entrance into the U.S., her attorney stated that she was “more than amply qualified and solidly eligible for the Extraordinary Ability Green Card.”

After receiving her green card, Knauss also sponsored her parents for legal residency. Newsweek highlighted that President Trump is currently against this practice, citing his tweet from November going against “chain migration.”

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What is wrong with Melania? Maybe she used to do her science job. It's ok to hire writers from study clerk and get tasks done by trusted experts and thankfully she is not a scientist =)


Hey, don't sell her brains short. After all, she was smart enough to know that nothing snags a rich guy like a little girl-on-girl!

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