Barr Attacks “Militant Secularists” During Award For His ‘Christ-Like’ Behavior

Screengrab / Face the Nation / YouTube


Attorney General William Barr was given the award by the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.

Attorney General William Barr railed against “militant secularists” during his speech to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday, as he accepted the organization’s “Christifideles Laici Award” for exhibiting Christ-like behavior.

According to his prepared remarks for the virtual event, Barr said:

That crucial link between religion and liberty, so well understood at the Founding, is all too often forgotten today. In American public discourse, perhaps no concept is more misunderstood than the notion of “separation of church and state.” Militant secularists have long seized on that slogan as a facile justification for attempting to drive religion from the public square and to exclude religious people from bringing a religious perspective to bear on conversations about the common good.

Yet as events like this one remind us, separation of church and state does not mean, and never did mean, separation of religion and civics…

Friendly Atheist commented on Barr’s remarks:

“Militant secularists” is a strange way to describe people whose primary goal is getting the government to respect the First Amendment.

Church/state separation is understood just fine. It’s Barr who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between bringing your values to the table — which no one objects to — and advocating legislation based solely on your religious beliefs no matter how much evidence exists to the contrary. No one is barred from serving in public office if they are religious, nor are they expected to check their beliefs at the door.

The current administration’s policies have been shaped by the whims of white evangelicals and conservative Catholics, intent on using their political power to advance their religious agenda, on issues from trans people in the military to all things Israel. It’s ironic that Barr, of all people, talks about excluding religious people from anything given that this administration is responsible for the Muslim ban.


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