Barbara Comstock, Member Of House Republican Leadership, Has Lost

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Jennifer Wexton defeated Rep. Barbara Comstock in the first race to flip a House seat from Republican to Democrat.

Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock was unable to defend her seat in Virginia’s 10th District this election, defeated on Tuesday by Democratic Virginia state Sen. Jennifer Wexton.

From CBNC:

> The race was the first House seat of the evening to flip from a Republican to a Democrat, and it was widely viewed as a barometer of Democrats' potential strength. The results were called early in the evening, after Wexton posted a double digit lead over Comstock across large swaths of the district.



> Voters in the affluent Northern Virginia suburban district have sent Republicans to Congress for 60 of the past 66 years.


> This year, however, shifting political winds across the state collided with President Donald Trump's unpopularity, turning the district into a prime pickup opportunity for Democrats.

Wexton took off ahead of Comstock early on and maintained a substantial lead throughout, averaging a lead of about seven percentage points.

> Trump also likely contributed to Comstock's weakened support among voters. In the 2016 presidential race, Trump lost the 10th district to Hillary Clinton by 10 points. A recent Monmouth poll found that the president's approval rating in the district was underwater by 11 points.

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