Baptist Leader Punished Woman Who Reported Her Sexual Assault To Him


Paige Patterson called the woman's assault "a good thing."

Former Southern Baptist Convention leader Paige Patterson has dubious advice on sexual assault. In the past, he has told a rape victim to both forgive her rapist and not inform the police of the assault. He has also shamed women who make false rape allegations against men, as if it is a common occurrence, in another sermon.

According to The Friendly Atheist, a woman was raped at the seminary at gunpoint in 2015. The woman’s assailant took pictures of her during the assault to use as blackmail. The woman, listed as “Jane Roe,” decided to tell Paige Patterson about the assault. According to a lawsuit that was released on Thursday, Patterson punished her for being raped.

When Roe told the Baptist leader that she felt like she was ”damaged goods” after the loss of her virginity, Patterson confusingly answered that “it was ‘a good thing’ that she had been raped because the right man would not care if she was a virgin or not.” Patterson also told her that he was too busy to handle her case before he “callously rejected Roe’s request for his prayers.”

The seminary’s Chief of Campus Security asked Patterson if he could be in the room for the next meeting with Roe. In response, Patterson said it wasn’t necessary because “I have to break her down.”

Roe’s assailant, listed as Doe, was an employee and a student at the seminary. When Roe met with one of her professors, Patterson was in the room. Patterson then told Roe that he reached out to Doe, who informed Patterson that they had a consensual relationship, which could be proven by the nude photographs he had of Roe. Roe maintains that the photographs were taken while she was assaulted at gunpoint.

When Doe’s room was searched by authorities, nine weapons were found. He was expelled for violating the school ban on weapon. Roe, afraid of retaliation, moved out of Texas shortly after that because she was “terrified for her safety.”

Ironically, Patterson is now teaching a class at Southern Evangelical Seminary called “Christian Ethics.”

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