Bannon Draws 25-People At Kansas Holiday Inn That’s Perpetually Stuck In 1985

Steve Bannon put on an impromptu pep rally in Topeka, Kansas Tuesday, drawing a crowd of just 25 people.

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon told The Topeka Capital-Journal on Tuesday that if Republicans can “get the Trump people out, you're going to win” in the upcoming midterm elections — but the impromptu rally Bannon held that day turned up just 25 people, including the event’s organizers.

Via Business Insider:

> The rally, dubbed "Red Tide Rising," was held at a Holiday Inn Express along a highway. Attendees reportedly had received an unsolicited text message that day announcing the event.


> Bannon said Kansas' heated race in the 2nd Congressional District spurred his decision to make the impromptu trip. He cited a recent poll by The New York Times and Siena College that shows Republican House candidate Steve Watkins has fallen four points behind Democrat Paul Davis.


> "I tip my hat to the opposition," Bannon said, according to The Capital-Journal. "I like a good, fair fight. They have been aggressive. They've raised money. They've been on message, and it's up to us, right? You get the Trump people out, you're going to win."

Bannon reportedly told The Capital-Journal's managing editor Sherman Smith that the small size of the rally was an “intentional effort to make voter turnout a grassroots affair”.

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