Baltimore Detective Killed Day Before Testifying Against Other Officer

NBC News/YouTube

Baltimore police believe Suiter was killed with his own gun but do not think the murder is related to his testimony.

Baltimore Homicide Det. Sean Suiter was killed on November 15 by an unknown assailant, just one day before he was scheduled to testify against fellow officers in federal court. Investigators believe the deadly bullet came from Suiter's own gun.

According to HuffPost,

[Suiter] was set to testify before a federal grand jury about an incident that occurred years ago involving BPD officers, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said during a news conference. The officers were indicted in March and August on federal racketeering charges.

Davis indicated the department has no reason to believe Suiter's death was related to his testimony based on available evidence. He did acknowledge the notion of a conspiracy "makes for great theater" but maintained the death occurred during a routine investigation.

During that day’s investigation efforts, both Suiter and his partner had noticed the suspicious man in a vacant lot and approached him, Davis said Wednesday, citing surveillance camera footage reviewed by investigators.

“Upon the sound of gunfire, Detective Suiter’s partner sought cover across the street,” Davis explained. “He immediately called 911. We know this, because it is captured on private surveillance video that we have recovered.”