Bachmann: We’ve Never Had A President With “Greater Moral Clarity” Than Trump


Michele Bachmann said Americans have not seen a president "with greater moral clarity" than Donald Trump.

The United States has never had a president with “greater moral clarity” than Donald Trump, according to former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Speaking with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Bachmann — who is chairwoman of the organization — said the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is “fake” and “phony,” according to DeadState.

“This is such a pathetic joke,” she said, appearing on Perkins’ Washington Watch program. “They have no candidate on the Democrat side for 2020 that they can get excited about. … They have no message, they have no record of accomplishment, they’re doing nothing in Congress, so this [impeachment] is the only thing they have to run on.”

“Our President of the United States — he is like nobody else I have ever met in my life,” Bachmann continued. “And he doesn’t scare easy and he’s gonna stare these guys down. They have no idea who they’re dealing with.”

This president possesses a moral fortitude never before seen in an American president, she insisted.

“[Trump] understands the difference between good and evil,” Bachmann declared. “We have not seen a president with greater moral clarity than this president.”


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There has never been a more corrupt president in our nation's history. He should be removed and hanged for treason.

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