AZ Newspaper: McSally Is A “Political Opportunist Willing To Debase Herself"

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Sen. Martha McSally is "willing to debase herself and dismiss her constituency" to hold onto her seat, the board wrote.

Republican Senator Martha McSally is “a political opportunist, willing to debase herself and dismiss her constituency” in an effort to keep her seat, the Eastern Arizona Courier editorial board wrote in a piece called, “Profiles in Cowardice.”

The same editorial board had endorsed Governor Doug Ducey’s decision to appoint McSally to the seat left vacant by the late Senator John McCain in 2018.

At the time, McSally “seemed to be a politician that focused on common-sense solutions during her time in the U.S. House” and though the editorial board might have disagreed with the politician on policy, they “can respect someone who stays true to his or her principles.”

It turns out, this is not who McSally is, they wrote, noting the lawmaker’s exchange last week with CNN reporter Manu Raju on Capitol Hill.

While walking to a conference room, McSally was asked a question by CNN reporter Manu Raju.

“Senator McSally, should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?”

McSally’s response was, to say the least, surprising.

“Manu, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you.”

Raju asked a fair question, in the editorial board’s estimation, “given the Democrats’ push for evidence and witnesses at the impeachment trial of President Trump.” Other senators have offered reasoned answers to the question — nearly all in opposition to new evidence and witnesses.

But not McSally, who in the board’s words responded with “name-calling like a third-grader on the playground.”

Further, they surmised that McSally might have pre-planned her response in an effort to ingratiate herself with President Donald Trump and his supporters, in a bid to catch up to her Democratic opponent’s superior fundraising.

Rather than put forth a respectable position on Trump’s impeachment trial, McSally opted for a campaign ploy, the board wrote.

“We thought she was a principled person who would take a position one way or the other and stand up for what she believes is right. Not everyone would agree with whichever side she fell on, but we would respect her holding to her beliefs.

“We didn’t expect her to be revealed as a political opportunist, willing to debase herself and dismiss her constituency in the dying hopes of holding on to a seat she couldn’t win on her own.”

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'political opportunist' means boot licking, butt kissing, lying POS Republican.

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