Axios: WH Advisor Warns Sick Trump Will “Kill Himself” If He Keeps Campaigning

President Trump greets his supporters at the White House at a Saturday event.Screengrab / Yahoo Finance / YouTube


President Trump wants his campaign to put him on the road every day until Nov. 3, but some advisers think it's unwise.

President Donald Trump wants his campaign to fill his schedule and put him on the road every day between now and the November election, but one adviser told Axios that if he does, Trump is “going to kill himself.”

  • The president, who has been recovering from COVID-19, will hold his first campaign rally since he was diagnosed in Florida on Monday, with subsequent stops this week in Pennsylvania and Iowa.
  • The Trump campaign reportedly is worried that Trump did serious damage to his standing with America’s seniors, a key portion of his base, when he downplayed the coronavirus after becoming ill.

"He really f----d up with seniors when he said not to worry about the virus and not to let it control your life," one Trump adviser told Axios. "There are so many grandparents who’ve gone almost a year without being able to see grandchildren."

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