Axios Reporter: GOP Senators ‘Despise’ Trump, Wish They Could Put In Pence

State Department Photo/Public Domain


Axios reporter Jonathan Swan said that Republicans "despise" the president but are highly unlikely to vote him out.

President Donald Trump is not well-loved by many Republican senators, according to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, and in private say they would love to replace him with Vice President Mike Pence.

However, there remains a good chance that no Republican senators will break ranks and vote to remove Trump from office when House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry inevitably heads to the Senate for trial.

RawStory reported that Swan said there is no sign that upcoming public hearings will move Republicans to abandon their defense of the president.

“I think a scenario we need to seriously consider is zero,” Swan during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I think there is not an insignificant chance that zero Republican senators defect if nothing new comes out and we’ve got the current set of facts that we’re dealing with.”

“We interviewed Mitt Romney, and he is supposedly the weakest brick in the red wall,” the reporter added. “I mean, he’s not there yet, and just based on the interview we did with him, if he’s the weakest brick in that red wall, it’s a pretty strong wall over there in the Senate.”


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Well they now have the perfect opportunity but they will not due because they are cowards or worried what might come out about them. In my thought they cover for each other because they all have probably not on the up and up and they hold that over each other. If you don't vote for this I will tell your wife about that party you went to hotel with ect.

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