Axios: Bolton’s Upcoming Book Alleges Trump Misconduct With Multiple Countries


The Room Where It Happened releases June 23, after “intensive” review and “constitutionally impermissible” opposition.

Axios reports that in his forthcoming book, former National Security Adviser John Bolton will allege that President Donald J. Trump had misconduct not only in Ukraine, but also in other foreign nations.

  • Bolton’s new book, The Room Where It Happened, is a memoir of his experience working in Trump’s administration.
  • Axios writes that Bolton was a prolific notetaker in White House meetings, “filling yellow legal pad after yellow legal pad with notes.”
  • The Associated Press reports that the White House has claimed the book contains classified information and may present a national security threat. Bolton’s lawyers have stated that publication is anticipated to still go through on June 23. They accuse the White House of attempting to unfairly prevent the book’s release.
  • Bolton originally sent his manuscript to the National Security Council for prepublication review—the process by which a book written by top level officials often are reviewed in order to maintain national security—in December of 2019.
  • In a piece for the Wall Street Journal, Charles Cooper, one of Bolton’s attorneys, described the prepublication review for this book as “perhaps the most extensive and intensive prepublication review in NSC history.”
  • Leaked manuscript and excerpt copies have circulated beyond the National Security Council. Bolton’s lawyers severely criticized the White House for allowing excerpts from the book to go public.
  • The AP reports that in one leaked excerpt from the book, Bolton states that Trump told him he did condition military aid to Ukraine on whether its government would assist in investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.
  • Additionally, according to Axios’s anonymous source with access to some of the book’s manuscript, Bolton’s memoir not only accuses Trump of misconduct in Ukraine, but also in other foreign nations.

Bolton is a lifelong conservative and has been a Fox News contributor. During President George W. Bush’s administration, Bolton served as the United States ambassador to the United Nations.

  • Trump appointed Bolton to the position of National Security Adviser as a successor to H.R. McMaster, NBC News reported at the time.
  • Bolton’s tenure as Adviser ended in September 2019. Trump announced that he had requested Bolton’s resignation, but Bolton contradicted this, saying that he had already told Trump he wanted to resign, USA Today reports.

Per a leaked excerpt, the back cover reads as follows:

As if impeachment were not enough, I also found myself confronting the daunting challenge of fighting an incumbent President determined to prevent publication of a book about my White House experiences. Trump behaved typically, directing the seizure and withholding of my advisors’ personal and other unclassified documents, despite numerous requests for their return; obstructing my Twitter account and making outright threats of censorship. His reaction thus ranged from the mean-spirited to the constitutionally impermissible. My reaction… my response? Game on.

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