Authoritarian Expert: The GOP Wants A One-Party State With Trump As Dictator

Screengrab / @sarahkendzior / Twitter


Sarah Kendzior warned that the GOP are trying to push bills that give them almost complete control of the government.

In an interview with MSNBC last year, journalist and specialist on authoritarianism Sarah Kendzior lambasted the GOP’s push to stifle the democratic election process.

“"What we've seen on the GOP end is total obstructionism that's aimed at making American citizens weaker, making them less likely to fight back,” she said. “I think the health care bill is an example of that.”

“They're going after voter rights. They're going after civil rights.”

Reid also argued against the idea that Republicans are simply unaware of the dangerous implications of their actions or those of the Trump administration.

“The GOP wants a one-party state, and Trump wants to be the autocrat of that state. The idea that they are incompetent is a myth. They are extremely competent. They are just not interested in the process of governing. They are interested in ruling.”


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