Australian Lawmaker: Climate Change Is Fake Because We Didn't Kill The Dinosaurs

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Pauline Hanson, Chairwoman of Australia’s One Nation Party, the Australian version of U.S. Republicans, argued this. reports that Pauline Hanson, Chairwoman of Australia’s One Nation Party, has denied that climate change is the fault of humans. She used the extinction of dinosaurs to support her assertion.

Hanson has begun to support the contentious Adani coal mine plan in Queensland. She has criticized environmental protestors, saying they are “extremists.”

When Hanson was asked if she was worried about the mine’s negative environmental impact, Hanson said there was no “scientific fact” to support the idea that humans had any role in climate change.

“This has been man-made, this fear mongering about climate change,” Hanson said. “If climate change is happening, it is not because man is causing it to happen.”

Hanson explained that even before humans existed, there was extreme weather, which means humans can’t be blamed for climate change.

“There was once an ice age, there was once a flood throughout Australia. People weren’t around at that time,” Hanson said. “There has been changes. What happened to the dinosaurs, how did they die off? Humans didn’t create it.”

Hanson also asserted that compared to man-made pollution, volcanic eruptions and oceans caused more carbon emissions.

Hanson also said that the public was not being given “true facts and figures” concerning climate data. “They haven’t released the true facts and figures as far as temperature changes over the years. They’ve fiddled with facts and figures.”

The weather bureau has rejected such allegations, noting that Australia’s leading statisticians and mathematicians support the bureau’s methods.

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Dinsdale Pirahna
Dinsdale Pirahna

Obviously we didn't kill the dinosaurs, there's one standing there in a dress.