Aussie Senator: I Don't Rely On Scientific Evidence To Understand Climate Change


Jim Molan, an Australian senator, said he was "not relying on evidence" to form his opinion on climate change.

Australian senator Jim Molan said he was “not relying on evidence” to form an opinion about climate change on Q&A, a political panel discussion show, according to the Guardian.

The audience, which was filled with people who had been affected by the unprecedented fires on the south coast of New South Wales, took the liberal senator’s words personally.

Senator Jim Molan elicited cries of anger from the audience for saying climate change may not be caused by humans and that he was keeping an “open mind.”

“I accept the climate is changing,” Molan said. “It has changed and it will change. What it’s producing is hotter and drier weather and a hotter drier country. As to whether it is human-induced climate mind is open.”

Hamish Macdonald, the newly minted host, appeared in a video package interviewing a Cobargo bushfire survivor about losing everything.

“New Year’s Eve at 4:30 [the dog] woke us up and wouldn’t let us go back to sleep,” the survivor said. “I saw all this was on fire. We just left everything and ran. I said it’s time to go. The first pictures we got of Cobargo from Bermagui was my shop burning down. The windows were all alight. And I knew that was it. There was nothing left.”

Discussing whether climate change was human-induced, Molan said, “I’m not relying on evidence,” and climate scientist Michael Mann replied, “You should keep an open mind but not so open that your brain falls out.”

“When it comes to this issue and human-caused climate change, it’s literally the consensus of the world’s scientists that it’s caused by human activity. Now you sometimes hear the talking points from contrarians from the Murdoch media.”

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Good to know America hadn’t cornered the market of stable genuises.

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