Attorney: Trump Winery Knowingly Kept Undocumented Workers Until End Of Harvest

Screengrab/Business Insider/YouTube


An immigration attorney has alleged that the Trump Winery knew workers were undocumented but wanted to protect the wine.

An attorney advising one of the undocumented immigrants who worked for the Trump Winery in Virginia has said the company kept its undocumented workforce on board through the end of harvest to protect its wine, even though the workers’ immigration status was known, according to Newsweek.

Anibal Romero, who has represented a number of workers who formerly worked at Trump properties, offered the allegation to The New York Times this week when numerous workers were fired from the winery.

The news that many of the workers at the Trump Winery were undocumented broke in May when Univision reported on the matter, Newsweek noted, but no action was taken at the time.

"Getting rid of them at that point could have caused problems for the wine," Romero told The Times, also suggesting that the vineyard management decided to wait until the harvest was over to terminate the workers.

This story follows earlier reporting that undocumented workers were known to staff other Trump properties as well — an ironic development considering that President Donald Trump campaigned hard on fighting illegal immigration in 2016.

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