At Presser, Trump Attacks Biden For Obama’s Successful Handling Of H1N1

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“It was a disaster, and now he’s telling us how to manage… he can’t manage himself."

President Donald Trump said during a Thursday press briefing that former Vice President Joe Biden helped the Obama administration do “everything possible wrong” during the swine flu outbreak in 2009, in an apparent defense of his own handling of the COVID pandmic.

“It was a disaster, and now he’s telling us how to manage… he can’t manage himself,” Trump said.

“270,000 Americans were hospitalized during this attack. The outbreak was so rampant that the Obama administration told states to stop testing. ‘We don’t want any tests,’ because they don’t want to show all of the things the tests show.”

The president then shifted to his efforts on coronavirus testing, saying, “By the way, we’re setting a record on testing. Our testing is at a level that nobody’s ever seen before.”

Then he switched back to Biden:

“They ordered the CDD (sic) to stop counting tests and stop counting cases, and left us a depleted stockpile, which is what I inherited. … In other words, Biden’s record demonstrates that if he had been in charge of this very serious, highly, highly contagious epidemic, or pandemic, the China virus, countless more Americans would have died.”


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