At Least 26 Major Advertisers Have Abandoned Tucker Carlson’s Show

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Tucker Carlson Tonight once ran 36 advertisements through each episode. Now it only runs 18.

Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson has seen his advertisers exit in droves in the weeks after making derogatory comments about immigrants — and the situation has only worsened after Media Matters resurfaced old comments Carlson made on a radio show, filled with racism and misogyny.

According to a review by The Hollywood Reporter, the controversial host lost at least 26 major advertisers in the wake of his immigrant comments, in which Carlson said immigration makes American “dirtier,” and his show — Tucker Carlson Tonight — has been relying far more heavily on in-house ads.

In the weeks before his Dec. 13 immigration remark, Carlson’s show averaged 1.33 in-house ads per show, the review found, but since Media Matters released the first smattering of radio comments on March 10, “the nine episodes of Tucker Carlson Tonight that have aired have included 6.2 house ads per show.”

As for in-house ads, The Hollywood Reporter found that “34.8 percent of the show's advertising spots in that period, compared to just 3.7 percent in the period leading up to his December comment about immigration.”

On the whole, Carlson’s total ads have been halved, dropping to about 18 per show from about 36 per show previously.

Not everyone has opted to drop Carlson, though, and the “network can rely on the support of advertisers like MyPillow, which is run by Mike Lindell, a Trump supporter who told THR last month that ad boycotts are ‘horrific’ and ‘the worst thing ever.’”

Other companies that have stuck with the conservative host include “MyPhoto, ReputationDefender, gutter protection product Leaf Filter, moving and storage company PODS, mattress company Purple and cardiovascular health device Zona Plus.”

Industry analyst Brad Adgate told The Hollywood Reporter that direct-response ads and in-house promotions won’t work as a long-term strategy, saying "if this is a prolonged 'boycott' of the show, at some point Fox News might be forced to consider other options. It's on primetime, one of the most watched shows on Fox News, and to have it filled with mostly promos and direct-response ads is resulting in lost revenue for the newer Fox company."

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