At Last Night’s Rally, Trump Sounded Like He Called China’s Leader ‘V**ina’

It appears that Trump likely confused ‘China’ for ‘V**ina’, something that happens with people with dementia.

At Wednesday’s Trump campaign rally in Panama City Beach, Florida, President Donald Trump sounded as though he called Chinese President Xi a “vagina” instead of “for China” when speaking to the crowd of supporters.

And while speech mishaps happen to everybody, for Trump, it’s so common that thousands of medical professionals across the country are concerned for the American president’s apparent cognitive decline.

Speaking in April about an incident in which Trump confused his grandfather’s birthplace with that of his father, Yale psychiatry professor Bandy Lee, said, “The ‘Tim Apple’ episode a few weeks ago, his calling Venezuela a company, and then yesterday, confusing his grandfather’s birthplace with his father’s, mispronouncing ‘oranges’ for ‘origins,’ and stating out of the blue, ‘I’m very normal,’—There is no question he needs an examination.”

Clinical psychologist John Gartner echoed Lee’s sentiments. “I think he’s suffering from pre-dementia. And it’s only getting worse.”

Watch the clip of the latest incident above.