At His Monday Night Rally, Trump Mused About Serving Another 21 Years In Office

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Trump suggested he might hang around the White House another 21 years, "if I still have the strength."

President Donald Trump seems to enjoy the thought of sticking around the White House for more than two terms, and on Monday night, he mused once again about the possibility — this time taking it out another 21 years.

Turning his attention to journalists covering his rally in Kentucky, Trump said, “It’s the fake news, look at all of them.” The crowd dutifully responded with loud boos, The Independent noted.

He went on: “What they don’t know is that when we hang it up, in five years...or nine years, or 13 years...or maybe 17 years, or maybe – if I still have the strength - 21 years...”

And right on cue, the audience cheered.

“See, now they’re going crazy,” Trump said, speaking of the press.

The president knows that he can only serve two terms in office, per the U.S. Constitution, but he occasionally suggests he might try to hang around even longer.

“Now they’re like: See, I told you he was a dictator,” Trump said, mocking the press. “He wants to take charge and take control of our country. These people are crazy.”

Trump generally appears to be joking when making comments about extending his terms beyond that which the Constitution allows, but he has made the joke several times, leading some to believe he might be more serious than he lets on.

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