At 6, Jomari Bradley Has Brain Cancer. All He Wants For Christmas Are XMAS Cards

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Jomari Bradley was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma last year as he was about to start kindergarten.

As Jomari Bradley was gearing up for his first year of school last year, he and his family received devastating news: the now-6-year-old was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called anaplastic ependymoma, which affects the brain and spinal cord.

Kindergarten was put on hold as Jomari underwent more than 1,200 treatments, according to ABC 7 News, which included five surgeries and radiation therapy over the course of two months.

Jomari finally was able to start school in December 2017.

This December, the now-6-year-old's illness is keeping him away from school and friends again. Despite more surgeries and chemotherapy, an MRI revealed in September his tumor was still growing.

By the end of November, according to a Twitter account run by his family, it was large enough to rob him of feeling on the left side of his face and hearing in his left ear.

Heading into the holidays, Jomari’s family put out a simple request to help their little boy through this difficult time: “Help him have a merry Christmas by sending a card his way.”

Dozens of people have already done so. Prayers for Jomari, a Facebook page created to update supporters on his journey, posted a picture of more than 40 festive envelopes spread across a couch late Thursday night.

If you would like to send some holiday cheer to Jomari and his family, address your card to 1400 Chicago Ave., Cincinnati, OH, 45215.

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It's cases like this that made me question all the religious bullshit that I've been taught. Why would people want to spend eternity with a god who allows things like this to happen to innocent children?