As Wall Street Surges, Americans Are Being Evicted To The Streets In A Pandemic

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One man being forced to leave his home with his family told CNN, “We ain’t got nowhere to go.”

CNN’s Kyung Lah reports from Houston on the hundreds of residents being evicted from their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, after a moratorium on evictions in Texas was lifted.

On Monday, there were 200 evictions on the week’s list for Harris County, which Lah noted as she followed the deputy carrying out the evictions was double the number for an entire month prior to COVID-19.

From a family with toddlers to an elderly woman on her own in the Houston heat, a constable goes from one home to the next, evicting some of the many Americans falling behind on rent as a Texas evictions moratorium was lifted.

One man being forced to leave his home with his family told the reporter, “We ain’t got nowhere to go.”

Israel Rodriguez told Lah that he lost his job during the pandemic and it took a month to find new work — but his new paycheck isn't enough.

"This is my check," he said. "But I ain't making it with $300. It's literally $300."

Across the United States, 40 million Americans are facing eviction, according to the report.

Lah said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a national moratorium on evictions after her report was filmed.

“Now, a few hours after we spent our day with Deputy [Bennie] Gant, the CDC announced a federal, national eviction moratorium. That goes into effect tomorrow,” Lah reported. “So the interpretation here from the Harris County precinct, one, constables are going to put a hold on everything.”

She added that “some convictions will continue,” as “there are specific definitions of who and who can’t be evicted.”


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