As Trump Visits Maine, One Of Its Biggest Newspapers Calls For His Resignation

Megan Everts

The Portland Press-Herald discussed President Donald Trump’s poor leadership and called for his resignation.

With President Donald Trump traveling to Maine on Friday, one of the state’s biggest newspapers, the Portland Press-Herald, published an article calling for Trump’s resignation.

  • The article highlights Trump’s slow response to the coronavirus pandemic as one of the major reasons why he should resign, as the editors argue that he “spun a manageable crisis into the worst public health emergency since 1918.”
  • Then, the editors argue that his improper response to the current protests further demonstrates how Trump is unfit for leadership, as he has made improper tweets about shooting American citizens and overall promoted an escalation of violence.

In the face of the worst civic unrest since 1968, with millions of Americans in the streets protesting systemic racism, you fan the flames.

The editors argue that Trump’s inability to be compassionate is another reason he should resign.

  • They note that typically presidents make an address to the nation during times of national emergency, but Trump likely chose to sit out on doing so because “[he has] nothing to say that would make the situation better.”

Bringing the nation together in times of distress is a big part of the job when you are head of state. You can’t do it, so you should resign.

Finally the editors highlight the example of President Richard Nixon’s resignation as something Trump should follow.

  • They note how Nixon chose to resign when he was close to being impeached over Watergate in order to prevent further destruction.
  • At this time, Nixon said: “By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start of that process of healing which is so desperately needed in America.”

If Trump resigns, the editors argue that America can begin to heal again.

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I would certainly feel healed if Trump resigned.

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