As Tensions Rise With North Korea, Trump Takes 3-Day Weekend At Mar-A-Lago

This is how the article describes Trump as he loafs around his personal fief Mar-A-Lago:

Then, without the usual movement of the Secret Service which usually presages the presidential approach, he [Trump] was there, soaked with sweat from three hours in the Florida sun, After removing his red baseball cap (club rule) and giving a shout-out to Patrick Park, his pick for ambassador to Austria who was dining with friends, he settled into his chair while the diners applauded.

He ordered a salad.

As Park and his guests left the table, he tossed off a goodbye.

Asked by one if he was coming back soon, he said “Yes. I’ll be here for Easter.”

Oh, so next week?

“Is Easter next week?’ he asked. Then rolling his eyes, said “Well then, I guess I’ll be back next week.