As Support For Impeachment Grows, Republicans Reconsidering Standing By Trump

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Many Republican lawmakers are privately rethinking their support for Trump as public enthusiasm for impeachment grows.

Americans’ support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump continues to rise and it is making Republican senators nervous, according to The Independent.

“Everyone is getting a little shaky at this point,” Brendan Buck, a one-time aide to former House Speaker Paul Ryan, reportedly told The Washington Post. “Members have gotten out on a limb with this president many times only to have it be cut off by the president.”

“They know he’s erratic, and this is a completely unsteady and developing situation,” he added.

Many Republican lawmakers are not too keen on mounting a fierce defense of the president because they “doubt the credibility of the president’s claims,” The Independent reported.

Trump has called upon the governments of Ukraine and China to investigate his likely 2020 rival Joe Biden, along with his son Hunter, over their dealings in both countries while Biden was vice president.

Washington spiraled into chaos last week after a whistleblower report and transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president were made public. Democrats were inspired to launch a formal impeachment inquiry, and Trump’s behavior in the time since has only added to his troubles.

Only a few Republican lawmakers have offered strong support for Trump in public, and likewise only a few have voiced strong criticism.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said Trump's actions are "completely inappropriate" regarding Biden: “I thought the president made a big mistake by asking China to get involved in investigating a political opponent."

Most in the GOP are quietly watching events unfold while remaining mostly neutral or altogether silent on the matter.

It is widely expected that, should Democrats move to impeach, the Republican-controlled Senate will fail to convict the president.

But as support for his impeachment grows, it becomes less clear just how many Republicans will stand by Trump.

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