As Coronavirus Flares, Trump Cancels $3 Billion Healthcare Grant To New York

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President Trump canceled New York's health care grant as fears grow over a potential coronavirus outbreak.

A federal health care grant approved for New York in 2014 under President Barack Obama will get the ax under President Donald Trump, according to NPR.

New York’s $8 billion grant for the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program, which helps the state save money by transitioning “many health care services from expensive hospitals to community-based health care systems,” will not continue.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said cancelling the grant — which is worth $600 million this fiscal year and for the next four years — will be most hurtful to the poor and elderly, regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republican.

“Why you would want to play politics with someone’s health care is just beyond me,” Cuomo said. “They have no limits whatsoever.”

One of Cuomo’s aides noted to the New York Daily News “that Texas received the approval of a five-year renewal in late 2017, around the same time the Trump administration started questioning whether to continue the waivers.”

The governor said he believes this is simply the Trump administration’s latest move in attempting to punish the state — which he described as a long list of “horribles” — including restricting New York’s access to the Trusted Traveler programs, as well as “denying FEMA aid for areas in the Mohawk Valley affected by the Halloween floods, and delaying a decision on approving congestion pricing for New York City.”

“In and of itself, it is very counterproductive and hurtful to this state, but when you view it in the series that are going on it is even more disturbing,” Cuomo said. “Because this is not just the federal government takes an isolated action that is hurting the state. There is continued pattern and series of these actions. Connect the dots and you see the line.”

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