As Americans Die, Trump Plays Another Day Of Golf At One Of His Private Resorts

William James

The president continues to enjoy golf as Americans die in droves.

Before becoming president, Donald Trump was not shy about criticizing President Obama for playing golf during the Ebola crisis, when there were two cases in the United States.

"Well he certainly knows a good game, because golf is a great game, nobody likes it more than me, but, he's played a lot of golf, there's no question about it.

And you know, when you're president, you sort of say, like, 'I am going to give it up for a couple of years and I am going to really focus on the job'.

How about right after the beheading, he then walks over to the news conference and then walks right outside, and T's it up,. You know there are times to play golf, we all love golf, there are times to play and there are times that you can't play. It sends the wrong signal. But he plays a lot of golf."


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