As A College Student, Laura Ingraham Publicly Outed Gay Students

Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

It wasn't until after Ingraham discovered her brother was gay that she began to rethink her position on homosexuality.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham's bully-like stance toward Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and others who marched against gun violence last week seems to characterize how Ingraham engages those with whom she disagrees.

During her time at The Dartmouth Review, an off-campus conservative weekly, Ingraham was adamantly against homosexuals and made no attempt to hide her disdain.

Of particular note, as described in a May 1997 story in the publication, Ingraham used her position as the paper's editor to out her fellow students.

During her tenure at the Review, Ingraham was well-known for her opposition to homosexuality. At one point, she sent an undercover reporter to a meeting of the Gay Students Association and then printed, in the next issue of the Review, a transcript of the meeting with the names of the student officers.

Though Ingraham later acknowledged her stance toward the gay community was harmful, she rejected the idea that she had outed anyone present at the meeting, essentially saying she couldn't have because it was publicly advertised.

According to a 1997 piece Ingraham authored in The Washington Post, her stance toward homosexuals -- which she admits the Review referred to as "sodomites" on occasion -- was tempered largely by learning that her brother was gay, watching him care for his partner dying of AIDs, and seeing that her words and ideas translated to real-world suffering for others.

Some people don't learn this lesson or cultivate the ability to empathize with others until they are confronted in their personal lives.

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This is Standard Operating Procedure of the GOP. If it isn't happening to me, it doensn't matter.


She is a worthless piece of trash. I started to call her a snake, but I decided that I have more respect for snakes than I ever would for garbage like that awful woman.