Arms Manufacturers Welcome Increase Tensions With Iran

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William James

The arms industry looks at increased tensions with Iran as good for business.

Tehran's recent threats are a boon to the defense industry, according to executives who have discussed U.S.- Iran tensions according to The Intercept.

These discussions took place weeks after the Trump administration proposed deploying close to 120,000 members of the U.S. armed forces to the Middle East. Eric DeMarco, President of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, claims his firm is well-aligned to shift from supplying weapon systems for asymmetrical warfare to systems for nation-state warfare, the kinds of war-systems that a war with Iran would initially call for.

DeMarco’s statements echo the predictions of Raytheon CEO Thomas Kennedy, who said during a January call that an important driver for his firm's growth is increased tensions with Iran. Raytheon recently won a contract to provide missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia.

The latest National Defense Authorization Act suggests U.S. allies “build an interoperable ballistic missile defense architecture … to defend against the Islamic Republic of Iran missile threat.”

The document also calls on the Department of Defense to devise a plan to counter Iran’s destabilizing actions in the region.

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