Appearing On Fox, Darrell Issa Concedes His District Before Polls Even Open


Outgoing Rep. Darell Issa conceded Tuesday morning that it will be Democrat Mike Levin who takes over his seat.

Retiring Republican Rep. Darrell Issa conceded Tuesday morning — before the polls were open — that it would be the Democratic candidate that replaces him in California’s 49th District, according to RawStory.

> The district, which Hillary Clinton won handily in the 2016 election, is now the subject of a fight between Republican Diane Harkey and Democrat Mike Levin.


> But on Tuesday, Issa went on Fox News and conceded that the Democrat would win even before the polls opened. This despite the fact that his would-be Republican successor was still trying to rally voters.


> “Quite frankly, we know the results already, there will be a Democrat representing La Jolla and Solana Beach for the first time in a number of years,” he said. “For now, California is leaning very hard to the left.”

Despite the fact that California has seven Republican-held seats in districts that went to Clinton in 2016, Issa believes his is the only seat the party will lose this time around.

> “We’ve been outspent two-to-one, but there’s been enough money to get the message out there,” he said.

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