AOC Asked Questions That Could Open Entirely New Areas For Investigation

During Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's questioning, Michael Cohen suggested the president may have committed insurance fraud.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s exchange with Michael Cohen led to some of the most incisive questions of his testimony. During her line of questioning, the New York Democrat focused on fact-finding and forwarding the investigation.

Howard Fineman, journalist at the Huffington Post, tweeted, “at the end of the hearing, as the last Democrats got their turns, @AOC’s questioning was focused, detailed and useful to the investigative process — far better than the speechifying and name calling of some others. She continues to be very impressive. She’s gifted.”

AOC asked, "To your knowledge, did the president ever provide inflated assets to an insurance company?" Cohen answered, “Yes.”

She continued, "Who else knows that the president did this?"

"Allen Weisselberg, Ron Lieberman and Matthew Calamari," Cohen answered.

She asked detailed questions on where the committee could find more information on this, and Cohen responded that they would “find it at the Trump Org.”

Finally, she focused on Trump’s personal fortune and the shady financial practices surrounding him. Cohen was forthcoming with even more information.

Many applauded AOC’s focus. Maggie Haberman, a White House correspondent for the New York Times and a political analyst for CNN, tweeted, “In a heavily anticipated turn at the mic for questions, @AOC had a substantive and low-key list of questions for Cohen. Focus stayed on him.”

Political consultant John Weaver concurred, tweeting “Have to give @AOC props for good and efficient questioning. #roadmaps.”

Adam Serwer from The Atlantic wrote, “a lot of things aoc distinguishes herself by doing is just ... her really doing her job as opposed to just trying to look like she's doing her job, which is what a lot of legislators do.”