Anti-Putin Playwright Found Dead Just Six Weeks Ago Her Husband’s Death

Elena Gremina.Screengrab/Föreninngen Ordfront/YouTube

Elena Gremina died just six weeks after her husband, who directed a play she wrote about the death of Sergei Magnitsky.

The Daily Beast reported Wednesday that a Russian playwright who wrote a play about Sergei Magnitsky – an anti-corruption lawyer who died in 2009 – has been found dead.

Elena Gremina, 62, reportedly died just six weeks after the death of her her husband, Mikhail Ugarov, who directed the play, which was called One Hour and Eighteen Minutes. The play revolved around the death of Magnitsky in a Moscow prison cell in 2009 after he exposed a coverup by state officials to embezzle an estimated $230m from the Russian treasury.

Gremina is the third individual in Magnitsky’s orbit to fall victim to mysterious circumstance, after her husband as well as the lawyer for Magnitsky’s family, who suffered injuries after mysteriously falling from a high window in his apartment building last year.