Anti-Masker Fights Cops As He Is Forcibly Removed From School Board Meeting

Screengrab / Lee Hilton / YouTube


The man refused to put on a mask, per school district policy. He fought against police as they tried to remove him.

A man attending a school board meeting in South Dakota on Monday resisted police as he was forcibly removed from the meeting, according to Mitchell Republic. The man refused to wear a mask, despite district policy that masks be worn on school property.

The incident, which has not resulted in charges or an arrest, occurred in the library of the Mitchell High School, where the meeting was held with about 20 people in attendance.

The man, whom Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves identified as Reed Bender, appeared at the meeting and sat in the front row of the audience area while not wearing a mask. Deb Olson, president of the board of education, announced at the start of the meeting that masks were available for anyone in attendance who did not have one. She also said that for those who are unable medically to wear a mask that they should make arrangements prior to attending board meetings.

The report states that Bender “has appeared at several recent board of education meetings and spoke in opposition to the Mitchell School District mask mandate.”

On Monday, Bender said he would make the necessary arrangements for attending the next meeting but would not put on a mask at that present time. Graves told the man he would be removed if he failed to put on a mask.

Graves contacted the Mitchell Police Division, which arrived approximately 20 minutes later and also asked Bender to leave. Bender again refused, saying he would have to be physically removed from the meeting. Two officers spoke with Bender for a few minutes before attempting to escort him out of the building. Bender resisted the officers while several audience members implored Bender to not resist.

In video of the incident, Bender can be heard telling the officers, “you’re going to have to drag me out.”



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