Anti-Mask Karen Goes On Tirades At Multiple Locations, Risks Becoming Meme

Screengrab / Anna E. Peric / Facebook ; Screengrab / @davenewworld_2 / Twitter


Anna Peric first turned up at an Ohio DMV ranting about masks. Now she has appeared at a Planet Fitness.

An Ohio woman whose anti-mask tirade went viral last week has turned up again, this time at a Planet Fitness, according to Yahoo Life.

  • Anna Peric rose to internet fame after posting a video of herself attempting to accompany her boyfriend to the DMV without wearing a face covering.
  • This time, Peric “was filmed berating a Planet Fitness manager because she has limited time to exercise, dammit, and she does not believe she needs to wear a mask whilst doing so. “
  • When an employee asked her to put on a mask while using the treadmill, Peric accused him of harassment.

Peric first went to Planet Fitness without a mask Saturday afternoon, then returned later offering the same argument to a security guard — essentially ruining two days with her petty diatribe, claiming because she’s in a public space exercising, the mandatory mask mandate doesn’t apply. She also said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s executive order is “cutting into my freedom of liberty.”

  • Asked if she wanted to speak with a manager, Peric replied: “I am not going to speak to someone over the phone, who I don’t even know who it is, when I have limited time to exercise. And all you’re doing right now is cutting into my freedom of liberty. I want to exercise. I pay to exercise.”
  • Yahoo noted that Planet Fitness “as a company announced a global protocol on July 29 that states, ‘Planet Fitness to require face masks in all locations effective August 1.’”


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Here is Peric at the DMV:

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