Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group’s Office Listed As “COVID Outbreak Site” In Colorado

Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson.Screengrab / Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk / YouTube


The headquarters of Focus on the Family has three confirmed and one probable case of coronavirus.

Three confirmed cases and one probable case of coronavirus at the headquarters of anti-LGBTQ hate group Focus on the Family has earned the organization recognition as a COVID-19 Outbreak site.

  • Psychology professor Warren Throckmorton, whose website is devoted to his “observations about public policy, mental health, sexual identity, and religious issues,” noted the designation on Thursday.

The CO Dept of Public Health defines an outbreak as two or more cases confirmed by a lab test found in a location . Focus on the Family has declared itself to be a church so it will make my list of church outbreaks. The El Paso County site indicates the outbreak is in the bookstore.

  • Throckmorton also noted that Colorado “is one of the states which tracks outbreaks by location and does a great job of making data available to the public on a weekly basis.”

Focus on the Family is well-known for its anti-LGBTQ stance, as has been documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center and others.


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